Apply For Resident &Work Permit in Cameroon.


The law that governs immigration in Cameroon is decree no:2007/255/PR of 4th September 2007 which lays down the condition foreigners must satisfy to be issued a a resident permit and a work permit in Cameroon.

Work permit in Cameroon

One of the biggest barriers to foreigners planning to work in Cameroon is their inability to understand the requirement and procedure of securing a work permit in Cameroon. An applicant for work permit in Cameroon must ensure he/she has acquired employment in any registered company in Cameroon. Also the employment company must be ready to act as sponsor to the applicant if not the applicant must first secure a sponsor within Cameroon be contemplating of a work permit in cameroon. 

A foreigner is expected to comply with following immigration requirements in procuring a work permit in Cameroon:-

  1. An application for work permit in cameroon must be addressed to the minister
  2. A copy of employment contract
  3. A copy of professional certificate
  4. A copy of medicals
  5. A copy of entry visa or resident permit for those already residing in Cameroon
  6. A copy of the company”s  profile
  7. A copy of residence certificate
  8. Statutory payment 

Foreigners are thereafter expected to secure the services of a local immigration attorney to properly secure an appointment at the ministry , certify and notarize all documents and submit to the minister who reserve the right to accept or reject the application of work permit in Cameroon. Kinsmen Advocates immigration attorneys are more than competent and capable in representing you ethically.

Resident Permit

In Cameroon , Identification cards are regularly checked reasons why we advice foreigners to regularize their stay in Cameroon by securing a valid resident permit in Cameroon.The conditions for issuance of resident permit in Cameroon is as follows:-

  1. An application for resident permit in Cameroon addressed to the immigration office.
  2. A copy of residency certificate
  3. A copy of yellow fever card
  4. A copy of employment contract or admission letter
  5. A Copy of entry visa
  6. A copy of lease agreement

Foreigners are advised to secure the services of an immigration attorney to submit the relevant documents , book an appointment for capturing , finger print and signature. A temporal document shall be issued and thereafter a resident permit in Cameroon. The resident permit is valid for two(2) years and must be renewed thereafter.

In conclusion , we enjoin foreigners approach Kinsmen Advocates as we are more than ready to represent you secured a work permit in Cameroon.

Article By: Barr Mafany victor Ngando

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