Mergers and acquisitions are often used synonymously however some distinction do exist between this two concepts. A business combination which involves the fusion of two or more entities into one , largely on equal terms is referred to as merger whereas an acquisition is essentially the purchase by one company of all or substantial interest of another company such that the acquired company becomes a subsidiary of the acquired company.Mergers and acquisition advisory services is aimed at addressing corporate business problems thus enhancing efficiency and profitability of business organizations in Cameroon. Here are some of the reasons why business enterprises are in need of mergers and acquisition services in Cameroon: Foreign investors ,economic of scale ,risk diversification ,technology drive ,management expertise , corporate leverage and stock exchange quotation.

Mergers  and acquisition advisory services

All corporate organization should ensure mergers and acquisition advisory services are handled by experience consultants and in strict compliance with the laws of the republic. The corporate expert is expected to conduct due diligence, draft the merger and acquisition document, contracts, company resolutions which must be adopted by the board of directors of the company and accordingly filed /published. Mergers and acquisition advisory services in Cameroon cannot be exhausted in this write up, however the merger contract must contain the following: –

  • The form, name and registered address of the participating companies
  • The reason and terms of the merger
  • Description of assets /liabilities to be transfer to the new company
  • Terms of transfer of the share or stock
  • Report on the exchange of the company entitlement
  • The projected amount of the merger


Legal corporate practice remains one of our sector strength as we are more than competent to represent clients in the entire procedure so as to guaranty smooth business in Cameroon.

Article by Barr. Mafany Victor Ngando

Kinsmen Advocates

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