Import and Export trade in Cameroon is one of the most profitable ventures that an individual with the know-how and capital can engage in fully and stand make huge gains. Despite the lucrative nature of the business in Cameroon, Businessmen are often confronted with the challenge in understanding the right procedure in obtaining import and export license in Cameroon. In applying for import and export license in Cameroon, business operators are bound to adhere strictly to law No 2010/044 of 18th April 2016 governing external trade as well as decree No 2017/6523/PM of 7th June 2017. Hence obtaining import and export license in Cameroon is the only recognized document authorizing economic operators to circulate their goods within and outside Cameroon.


Economic and business operators are expected to follow the stipulated legal procedure in obtaining import and export license in Cameroon. In applying for import and export license in Cameroon, the supposed individual is expected to hire a commercial attorney to ensure all required documents are compiled, filed and fee paid at the appropriate regulatory government agency. Here are some of the mandatory documents required for a successful import and export license application.

  • Duly stamped application on company letter head stating sector of articles to be exported/imported
  • Certificate of company incorporation certificate
  • Certify copy of taxpayers card of the company
  • Certificate of non-indebtedness of the company
  • Articles of association of the company
  • A Clearance certificate of workers issued by National Social Insurance
  • Attestation of localization of the company
  • Certified copy of ID cards or Passport of shareholders
  • Proof of payment of registration fees

Individuals are advised to hire an experienced commercial attorney when applying for import and export permit in Cameroon. This is because they have a full mastery of the law as well as collaborate closely with the regulatory issuing authorities to ensure that we secure the license in Cameroon is timely.


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Article by Mafany victor Ngando

Kinsmen Advocates Law Firm

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