The High Court and The Civil Status Registry is an agency of the Government of Cameroon established and saddled with the responsibility of issuing a birth certificate in Cameroon. The agency also issues authenticity of birth certificate for any person born in Cameroon where applicable. The Cameroon birth certificate is used for various purposes. It is the main document confirming that a particular person is born within Cameroon territory.

The Civil Status Registration Ordinance No: 81 -02 of 29th June 1981 states that certificates issued from hospitals, churches, mosques are not accepted as a legal birth certificate for presentation in schools, embassies, immigration purposes, visa processing and so on. The Ordinance also states that an authenticity of a birth certificate in Cameroon confirms that the said birth certificate is authentic and issued by a competent Civil Status Registrar.


  1. Information relating to the date / year of birth, sex, place of birth, region of birth and parent’s details.
  2. Apply to the High Court of the jurisdiction of birth through the Chief Registrar for a Declaratory Judgment of birth. The judgment must be signed by the President of the High Court and The Registrar in Chief of the court.
  3. Attach copy of the above judgment and apply to the Civil Status Registrar of the jurisdiction of birth.
  4. Pick a data form from the office of the Civil Status Registrar called form B and it to be filled by the applicant and the parents of the applicant.
  5. In case the applicant is a minor and parents are not in Cameroon, a lawyer can represent in such a case but must present a power of Attorney /valid national ID card.
  6. The listed documents are then submitted to the Civil Status Registrar boss for verification, processing and eventual issuance of a birth certificate.

In conclusion, the verification processes of the birth certificate in Cameroon and authenticity may take a week.

Article by Barr. Mafany Victor Ngando

Kinsmen Advocates Law Firm

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