Proxy means a person nominated by a meeting member to attend a company meeting on his behalf and take part in voting and can exercise same rights as the member appointed by him. A proxy may not be a member of a company. Proxy also refers to an instrument by which a person is appointed to represent a meeting member in Cameroon.


Notice of meeting in Cameroon must provide for members right to appoint a proxy. The instrument appointing the proxy must be in writing under the hands of the appointer or his Attorney duly authorized in writing.  In a case where it is a company, the proxy instrument must be under a seal or under the hands of an officer or Attorney duly authorized. The written document must be deposited at the registered office or head office of the company.


In some cases in Cameroon, a member who appointed a proxy to represent him in a meeting may decide to attend the meeting himself after submitting the proxy. Such a member must revoke the appointment by communicating same to the company timely before the commencement of the meeting. In a situation where the appointment is not successfully revoked, such a member cannot be allowed to attend the meeting as it will results to double attendance.

In conclusion, corporations and its members should endeavor to brief a legal practitioner when in doubt as to the procedure / role of a proxy in the life of a company. Shareholders can protect their interest in a company even in absentia provided they master the usage of an appointed representative in crucial board meetings . Also a meeting member can actively participate in decision making via an appointed representative thus the procedure in appointing a proxy in Cameroon must be understood by corporations.

Article by Barr. Mafany Victor Ngando

Kinsmen Advocates Law Firm

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